An easier way to keep every body happy and stop arguments over money in shared households.

  • Easily keep track of bills
  • Divide shared expenses
  • Remember I.O.Us
  • Detailed statistics
  • Track your money
  • Perfect for any shared household
Bills Are in Application screenshot

The Shared Household

Do you live in a shared house? or a shared unit? or for that matter any place where you need help splitting up the bills?

Then is definitely the place for you. Here is how it works.

The bills come in...

And then the excuses start "ahh I paid that last week" or "well remember a month ago how I paid for dinner, you owe me $30" and so on. If you have ever lived in a shared house hold, this can be a very common occurrence. aims to help solve these problems.

Stop the arguments helps you manage, keep track of bills, IOUs and keep it hassle free.

When a bill comes in, eg. the internet bill, simply add it to the system and an email is sent to all the people in the house with how much is due and when. Nice and simple. If problems come up with who paid what when. Simply look at the history and statistics to get a clear answer and solve the problem.

So did we convince you that BillsAreIn can help you?

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